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What should the egg cage manufacturer tell us about the premix selection?

At present, the laying hen premix market is mixed, providing the most basic nutrients, improving the intestinal tract, and improving the color of the eggshell. But what kind of premix is what you really need? Today, the egg cage manufacturer enorde farming industry has more than 30 years of experience, think that mixing should pay attention to a few problems.


Some people have said that some chicken raisers need large eggs, some need thick eggshells, some need yellow color of egg yolk, some require special flavor, and some require special taste. These are all needed by people with corresponding requirements.

However, the first choice for premix selection is to pay attention to two issues:

1, should not be judged by the smell is good or bad. The main odors in the premix are choline, B vitamins and drugs. Some manufacturers add flavoring agents to cover these odors. These should be noted when choosing.

2, should not be judged by the appearance of its good or bad. This is because the premix is ​​mainly vitamins, trace elements, choline, amino acids, drugs, growth promoters and carriers. Among them, the carrier determines the appearance of the premix, and the appearance of the different premixes of the carrier is different. Inadequate appearance of the appearance can cause erroneous judgment.

The quality of laying hen premixes mainly depends on the egg laying rate of the laying hens. The general peak can reach more than 95%. The peak duration can reach 6 months or more. Even if the feed is very good, the egg weight can reach the breeding manual. Above the feeding standard can be above, the quality of the eggshell as long as the shell egg is small, soft eggs can be less, the death rate of laying hens can reach 80% or more, you can compare, such as to achieve the above criteria, feed quality It is a good feed with good quality.


First of all, the premix of the laying hen is mixed in percentage. The size, quality and mixing uniformity of your own mixing equipment also determine some factors.
Second, everyone in the premix knows that it contains multidimensional, amino acids, and polymines. Then, from the added amount, it is divided into several levels that satisfy basic nutrition, meet high production performance, and satisfy maximum production performance and immunity. Therefore, good manufacturers will have high standards in this respect.
Third, standardization, proceduralization, and controllability are all effective guarantees for premix quality. As for the carrier that everyone says, there are about 2% of carriers, which is absolutely unscientific, so there is no room for enzyme preparations, medicines, health care products, etc. In order to ensure the uniformity of mixing, it is like eating salt with us. If the mixture is not evenly mixed, it will not be delicious.


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