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The use of chicken cages for automatic feeding is a very good equipment for modern breeding. The chicken cage can be used to control the environment in the chicken house. It will not be affected by the high temperature, cold, wind and heavy rain, and can give the chickens Growth creates a good environment. The main advantages of the chicken cage automatic equipment are as follows:

1. High level of chicken cage maintenance: Chicken cage can complete automatic feeding, drinking water, clearing manure, wet curtain cooling, centralized handling, automatic control, saving energy, reducing the cost of artificial breeding, and greatly improving the feeding efficiency of the farmers.

2, the flock is well-prevented, useful to prevent infectious diseases, chicken manure and chickens do not touch, automatic cleaning through the conveyor belt, can make the chicken grow stronger, provide a clean and warm growth environment for the chicken, the time is very early.

Poultry layer cage design
Poultry layer cage design

3. The province’s site, the forward feeding density: the cage density is more than three times higher than the flattening density.

4. Feeding feed in Fujian Province: Chicken cages can save a large amount of feed, chickens are kept in cages, the amount of exercise is reduced, energy consumption is small, and waste materials are reduced. The material indicates that cages can be useful to save more than 25% of the cost of raising.

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