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Creating a more suitable breeding environment for the chickens The chick feathers have not been replaced before 3 weeks of age, it is difficult to resist the cold, and the temperature regulation ability is poor, so it is necessary to ensure the temperature of the house as much as possible. Once there is temperature fluctuation or cold wind blowing chicken,
Both will have a great impact on the chicks, and even induce conditional diseases and secondary infectious bronchitis, affecting the performance of laying hens. Therefore, in the pre-brooding period, under the premise of ensuring the minimum respiration of the flock, the main insulation and ventilation are supplemented.
In the season outside the summer, if you can meet the minimum breathing rate of the flock in the early stage of brooding, you can completely turn off the fan, relying on the fresh air entering from the small window to meet the needs of the flock, avoiding the stress caused by the cold wind blowing chicken, reducing the stress. The chance of outside pathogens entering the house. The above ventilation method not only ensures a more stable temperature in the house, but also saves coal and electricity to a large extent, and reduces the workload and labor intensity. If the natural ventilation volume does not meet the demand of the flock or the temperature is higher than the target temperature, the fan ventilation can be turned on and the temperature can be maintained stable.


Chick brooder cageChick brooder cage

 Shorten the running time and cycle time of the fan, reduce the entry of cold air from the air intake; reduce the air outlet area of ​​the fan, and reduce the entry of cold air from the air inlet rate. Both ventilation methods reduce the fluctuation of the environment inside the house. To avoid the cold air from entering the house in a large amount and quickly entering the house, causing cold stress in the flock, making the wind speed and air quality in the house more uniform, and maintaining the uniformity and stability of the environment at each position.
The role of four new ventilation technologies during the brooding period of “energy saving and emission reduction” Four new ventilation technologies during the brooding period have changed the ventilation capacity of the house, which makes the ventilation during the brooding period more reasonable. The first 3 weeks of chicks were mainly natural ventilation, and the ventilation was reduced by more than 50%. In the late brooding after 42 days of age, the temperature in the house was increased and the ventilation was reduced by more than 20%. With the reduction of ventilation, the heat discharged from the house is greatly reduced, the coal consumption of the brooding heat is reduced, and the power consumption of the fan work is reduced, and the temperature inside the house is more suitable and stable without affecting the normal growth of the flock.

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