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The types of broiler houses are: open chicken houses, windowed chicken houses, closed chicken houses, plastic sheds, flat chicken houses and caged chicken houses.

1. Open house

There is only a simple ceiling, no walls or only low walls, or walls on the sides and north, no walls on the south, and windows on the north wall. Keep warm with plastic film in winter. The advantages are low cost, good ventilation in summer and energy saving; the disadvantage is that the flock is greatly affected by environmental changes. Suitable for use in warm climates or in summer.

2, window chicken house

There are walls on all sides, and windows are opened back and forth. At present, small and medium-sized chicken farms, especially farmers, mainly use this form. The advantages are lower cost, less equipment investment and power saving. The disadvantage is that the external environment has a great impact on the performance of chicken production, and it is difficult to prevent epidemic prevention.

three-layer broiler chicken cage

3, closed chicken house

Only the emergency window is completely separated from the outside world. It reduces the impact of external environmental changes on chickens, is conducive to epidemic prevention and health care, and is conducive to the application of modern word cultivation techniques and intensive production equipment. The disadvantage is that the investment is large, the cost is high, and the dependence on machinery and electricity is large, and the feed nutrition is comprehensive.

4, plastic greenhouses

This kind of chicken house can be built in the courtyard, or idle space, and can also be used in the “rotation” of vegetable greenhouses. The construction method is generally shed height 1.8~2m, and the length should be determined according to the size of the feeding. When winter comes, the plastic film should be covered with straw. When the weather is fine, it is lifted in the morning, the skylight is turned on, the afternoon is closed, and the straw curtain is covered. Remember to sterilize strictly at the end of each feeding cycle.

5, flat chicken house

Chickens are raised on the ground or online. The advantage is that the equipment is simple and the investment is small; the disadvantage is that the feeding density is low and the amount of cleaning work is large. According to the presence or absence of the management channel, there can be no walkways and walkway houses.

6, cage chicken house

Chickens are kept in metal or plastic cages. The utility model has the advantages of large feeding density, convenient operation, suitable for artificial insemination and less disease. The disadvantages are large investment, high breeding conditions and strict technical requirements.

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