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Different types of chickens, different feeding methods and feeding scales have different requirements for chicken raising equipment. The most basic equipments include chicken cages, drinking fountains, environmental control equipment, feeding equipment, egg collecting equipment and cleaning equipment.

Chicken cages: there are brooding cages, breeding cages, egg cages, chicken cages and rooster cages. In some places, brooding and breeding chicken cages can be used to reduce one production link.

  1. Brooding cages. Multi-layer electric heating brooding cages are used, and there is no electric heating part. The whole room is heated, and the temperature adjustment fan is used to adjust the indoor temperature balance. The ground level raises generally requires electric heating brooding umbrellas, and some places use underground flue pipes, etc., the effect is very good.
  2. Egg cage. In the chicken equipment, there are many types of egg cages, the common type 390 (three layers of 6 single cages, raising 90 chickens), 396 type, 260 type, 264 type and so on.
    Egg collection, feeding, and defecation equipment: If the equipment used for manual operation is simple, the egg cart, the skip truck and the manure truck are generally used. If automatic equipment is to be used, an automatic system is required. Large, there are currently only a few units in the country.

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