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In the automatic egg cage culture mode, the automatic egg gathering equipment is also an indispensable part of the chicken equipment. The use of the automatic egg quenching machine system greatly saves manpower and material resources, and effectively controls the egg breaking rate problem. So how to solve the problem when the Collecting free range eggs machine has problems?

Number Fault type Cause of failure Method of exclusion  
1 Host quail egg belt runs off or slips Quail egg strip relaxation Adjust the top tension bolt of the main unit in the opposite direction  
2 Egg belt deviation Axle deviation at the rear of the car Adjust the correct position according to the diagram  
3 Egg belt slip Egg strip relaxation Tighten the egg belt  
4 The host has abnormal noise Bearing lack of oil, damage Grease, replace  
Guide egg slot contact friction running roller Adjust the position of the guide egg slot  
Chain loose Adjust the tension sprocket  
Collecting free range eggs
Collecting free range eggs

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