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Chicken farming has a long history. With the continuous development of the chicken industry and the times, the methods and methods of raising chickens are more and more advanced and convenient. In the process of raising chickens for many years, many farmers have also practiced A lot of chicken tricks and techniques can make the flock grow better. The following small series is based on the breeding of laying hens. It tells the tips of laying hens to lay eggs.

1. Timely supplementation of vitamin C during laying period: During daily feeding, farmers can choose to add 0.02% vitamin C to the diet of laying hens. According to many farmers, the use of vitamin C can improve the production of laying hens. 11% of the egg rate.

2, feeding eggshell powder during laying period: We all know that the production of eggs and the growth of laying hens require a lot of protein. The eggshell powder in the feed ingredients contains a lot of protein, which is what the laying hen needs. Therefore, after the egg shell is crushed or chopped, the farmer can add an appropriate amount of eggshell powder to the laying hen, so that the egg production rate can be increased by about 10%.

3. Feeding the laying hens with baking soda: Feeding the baking hens to the laying hens during the feeding process can not only improve the production performance of the laying hens, but also strengthen the hardness of the eggshells. Adding 0.3%-1% baking soda to the laying hen diet can increase the productivity of the laying hen.

4, summer egg laying chicken to cut feathers: summer weather is hot, in order to reduce the calorie’s own heat to increase their appetite, farmers can cut the chest and abdomen and the inner thigh and the feathers under the wings, so it will increase its Appetite, improve the performance of laying hens.

5, to control the reasonable lighting: in the process of feeding the laying hens, the daily light time of the laying hens is even enough, it will also affect the production performance of the laying hens. During the laying period of the laying hens, the laying hens are exposed to light for 8 hours a day. After each additional week, the light is increased by half an hour until it reaches the peak of the laying period of the laying hens 14-16 hours, until the end of the laying of eggs. The egg production of chickens will increase significantly.

6. Fold the wings when raising the chicks: Within 12-24 hours after the chicks are shelled, the farmer can cut off the roots of the wings with scissors, then use 50 watts of electric iron to stop the bleeding, and then apply purple syrup for disinfection. After doing this, the laying date of the laying hen can be 10.5 days ahead of schedule, and its egg production rate will also increase by 10.8%.

The above is a method for the high-yield laying hens in the laying hens summarized by the farmers. It is also a method of raising chickens summarized by many experienced farmers. I hope that these methods mentioned in the small series can be cultured after the farmers. The actual application can be obtained in the process to improve the production performance of the laying hens, thereby increasing the economic benefits of the farmers.frame chicken coop

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