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Poultry layer cage design
Poultry layer cage design

The H type egg cages are also called vertical egg cages. Layer cage supplier in india has these features:

1.Symbol H-type structure, using hot-dip galvanizing process, corrosion-resistant, long service life
2. Symbol Q235 material, large elasticity, not easy to bend symbols
3. Easy to assemble, easy to manage and easy to keep.

battery cage system in poultry

Advantages of poultry layer cage design:

  1. Compared with the A type battery cage eggssystem, the floor space is small and the number of layers is large, generally four layers, up to 10 layers.
  2. The layer chicken cagescan obtain more feeding area, improve the laying rate of laying hens, and have higher efficiency.
  3. Chicken layer cage for sale is easy to maintain and repair, follow the prompt steps to control the cage system.
  4. Egg automatic conveying system can improve the cleaning rate of eggs.
battery cage eggs
battery cage eggs
  1. Easy to disinfect, easy to control parasitic diseases such as coccidiosis and worm infections.
  2. The automatic drinking water system ensures equal water pressure in the nipple and ensures the drinking water of the laying hen.
  3. The design of the elongated trough edge reduces the waste of feed and improves the effective conversion rate of feed.
  4. The ventilation effect is better, ensuring that the laying hens in the cage system will not die due to excessive temperature and suffocation.
  5. With the clearing belt, the cleanliness of the cage system can be ensured, the growth of pathogens can be reduced, and the disease rate and mortality of laying hens can be reduced.
  6. Material: Q235 hot rolled aperture, high standard steel material.
poultry cage construction
poultry cage construction

Overlapping laying hen cage nets using hot-dip galvanizing

The mesh is smoother and can prevent the chicken from being injured in the foot infection.
Both the net and the bottom net are encrypted, which can prevent the ankle and laying hen fatigue syndrome.
The cage net adopts advanced hot-dip galvanizing process, which is resistant to corrosion and does not rust.

Layer Chicken Cages Poultry Farm China Supplier
chicken layer cages for sale
layer cage supplier in india
layer cage supplier in india
layer chicken cages
layer chicken cages

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