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poultry cage construction
poultry cage construction

Features of three-dimensional broiler cage:

  1. The three-dimensional broiler cage is fully hot-dip galvanized and corrosion-resistant. The cheap chicken coop has a service life of more than 20 years.
  2. Q235 material, large elasticity and not easy to bend.
  3. The unique cage door design effectively prevents the head from shaking up and eating when the chicken feeds.
  4. High quality PVC material raw material, silver white color galvanized surface treatment with anti-drop, anti-pressure, anti-aging.
  5. The large opening design unique to the large anti-slope trough can effectively prevent the chicken from feeding out the trough and saving the feed.
  6. High-density breeding saves land, about 70% of land saved by step.
  7. Centralized management, energy conservation and resources, advanced ventilation system, lighting system and automatic control system to fully save energy and improve labor productivity;
  8. Cheap chicken coop saves space and raises the stocking density to 60/m2 or more.

About  Norde poultry cage construction

We are developing poultry machinery to implement efficient and more effective ways of poultry farming through our goods. We have variety of products available for sale. These products include chicken cages, buy chicken coop, poultry layer cage design, egg collecting machine, chicken layer cage dimensions. The research facility of our industry enables our engineers to serve international market with new theories and develop a perfect solution for the poultry farming. Our Products have a great demand in all over the world.

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