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Open-type chicken houses are used in multiple breeding or less-cultivation methods, and the requirements for chicken cages and other related equipment are not high, and the cost of feeding is also low.

The advantages of the open house are that the design, building materials, construction process and internal setting conditions are single, the cost is low, and the investment is small. In the case of the sports field and the feeding material, the requirements for the feed are not very strict, and the chicken can often Activities, good adaptability, strong physical fitness.

frame chicken coop
The disadvantage is that the physiological condition and production performance of the chicken are affected by changes in external conditions. It is open management, and the chicken body is likely to be infected by various means such as insects, birds, soil, air, etc.; many.

Due to the low requirements for chicken cages and other related equipment, the cost is low, and it is very popular among the majority of free-range farmers.

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