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The cascading egg cage equipment mainly consists of cage specific system, feeding system, drinking water system, lighting system, waste disposal system, automatic egg collecting system and environmental control system. The use of mechanized laying hen cage equipment enables a rhythmic cycle of hatching, brooding, and the production of the final product chicken or product eggs. Most of the houses are closed or semi-enclosed. The automatic conditioning equipment is used to control the microclimate and lighting in the house, so that the house can be produced in a balanced manner throughout the year, achieving high mechanization and automation. In this mechanized farming mode, the farmer can automatically finish feeding, collecting eggs, removing feces, ventilating, controlling the temperature and humidity in the house, and controlling the temperature and intensity of the light in the house, spraying the disinfectant and Drink water to participate in soluble medicines.

Chicken cages for sale near me
Chicken cages for sale near me

In addition to manually picking up dead chickens, breeding insemination, daily quarantine and injection vaccination, all processes can be automatically completed using the machine. In the broiler breeding equipment in the past two years, even equipment and conveying equipment capable of batching out chickens in the whole chicken house have been presented, which is a major breakthrough in the field of broiler breeding technology with short breeding period.

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