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The chicken cages for layers is the home of the chicken. According to the different breeds of chickens, the suitable chicken cages for layers are selected. Especially the broiler breeders have relatively large weight. The cages we know are all specially made. When planning the cage, the viewpoint must be Accurate, small problems can not get out of the eggs in time, may be trampled by the chickens, the big problem is simply washed down to the ground to break or the impact of the eggs rolling and collided with each other, the usual cage bottom slope should be kept at 7 ~ 8 degrees. The distance between the iron bars at the bottom of the cage is also very important. Usually, the distance is 2.5 cm × 5 cm.

chicken cages for layers
chicken cages for layers

It is wrong to think that the size of the broiler breeder can increase the distance. It is advocated that a qualified chicken farm will lay a plastic net together with the cage bottom mesh at the bottom of the cage. Practice has proved that the plastic net can buffer the strength of the egg hitting the net and rolling down the bottom of the net, which not only greatly reduces the egg breaking rate, but also enables The incidence of falling leg disease and chest bursitis. In addition, the handling of the joint between the chicken cage and the chicken cage also needs to be done fine, and there should be no large open space. There are more eggs falling here. It can be wrapped with plastic cable ties, thin wires or thin ropes. It can be attached with wooden or iron baffles at both ends of the house to avoid rolling. The selection of the manufacturing materials for the chicken coops is also very particular. It is necessary to select suitable materials for tolerance. The diameter of the chicken cages for layers wire is the smallest at about 2 mm. The larger the diameter of the wire, the easier it is to break the eggs.

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