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The use of chicken cage equipment to raise chickens is now an indispensable equipment for raising chickens and broilers. At present, there are more and more manufacturers producing chicken cage equipment, and the selection of farmers has become more and more. However, no matter what kind of chicken cages are selected, scientific feeding is the main point. Then use chicken cages to raise chickens. How to carry out feeding?

First, the temperature: there is a temperature difference when using a chicken cage, and the lower the outdoor temperature, the greater the temperature difference in the room. Feeding brooding is generally at the highest level because the highest temperature is the highest, which is conducive to saving heat. On the first day of the chicken entering the cage, the temperature control is better at 33-34 °C, and the temperature can be adjusted according to the condition of the chick. When the temperature is suitable, the flocks are evenly distributed, active and active, and the appetite is strong; when the temperature is low, the heat source is concentrated. Squeeze each other, the body trembles; when the temperature is too high, the amount of drinking water is added, the appetite is cut, the breathing is accelerated, and the neck hair is soaked. In the first week, the temperature dropped to 30~C, and the temperature dropped by 2°C every week. The density of cage feeding was large, which was 1~2~C lower than the flattening temperature. It should prevent the formation of heat stress and the food intake decreased.

Second, ventilation: the key to using chicken cages is ventilation. As long as reasonable ventilation is provided, harmful gases can be discharged, temperature can be controlled, and diseases can be reduced. The density of unit area of ​​chicken cages is large, so ventilation is more important. In the hour, due to the large space of all the chickens, it is possible to not ventilate, and with the increase of the age of the chickens, gradually increase the ventilation volume, adjust the position and size of the air inlets, and keep adjusting the time and season, to reach the air in the house without odor, It does not glare, does not lack oxygen, and is more comfortable. It creates good growth space for chickens, enhances the body’s resistance to disease, and reduces the occurrence of diseases.

Poultry Farm Raising Chicken Broiler Equipment
Poultry Farm Raising Chicken Broiler Equipment

Third, the use of equipment: now more large chicken farms have more advanced and complete equipment, but there are equipment, you can not raise chickens, with the scale, automation, and the level of automation, the farmers should be familiar with the equipment Principle and skilled operation, but also often observe, such as the temperature controller, the temperature controller and the temperature of the house have a certain error, to minimize this error, so that the temperature of the house can be adjusted to the chicken The most suitable temperature for growth, in addition, the operator must be proficient in the use of the equipment and the feeding procedures of the chicken at various stages, and can timely find and repair the failure of the equipment, once the equipment is used improperly or the equipment is faulty, it will A huge economic loss has been formed.

Fourth, drinking water: After entering the chicken cage, the chicken should ensure that the water can be drunk within 2 hours. The intention is to let the chicken learn to drink water as soon as possible. The height of other automatic drinking fountains should be adjusted in time, the height should be moderate, too low or too high will affect the drinking water of the chickens; other things should be properly adjusted the pressure reducing valve on the drinking line, the pressure is too high, the chicks are afraid to avoid The water is also ruined, the pressure is too small, and the amount of drinking water at the end of the chick may not reach the norm. As the age of the chicken increases, the water pressure is appropriately added. The first time the chicks drink water, use 25 °C warm water, add 5% glucose and 0.1% vitamin C in the water. The drinker should be washed frequently. The whole brooding period, the drinking water can not be interrupted. From the second day of brooding, the anti-chick is added to the drinking water. White peony drugs.

5. Illumination: Most chicken cages use artificial lighting. Because artificial lighting is easy to control the lighting time, seven days before brooding, 24 hours of light is generally used, and the next step is 22 hours. The intention is to let the chicks get used to the dark environment. The crushing casualties occurred due to the sudden blackout of the chickens, and then gradually increased to 24 hours of light a week before the slaughter.

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