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When farmers manage chickens, farmers tend to ignore the importance of drinking water from chickens. Water accounts for about 60% of chickens. Water is one of the important substances that adhere to the health and production of chickens. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to them. The drinking water of the chickens, grasping the reasonable drinking method.
1. Requirements for chicken drinking water:
As a drinking water for chickens, it is necessary to comply with the specifications of “water quality of livestock and poultry drinking water without pollution”. Generally required colorless, bright, no odor, total hardness (calculated as CaCO3) generally requires less than 1500 mg / liter, pH is generally required to be 6.4 ~ 8.0, E. coli is less than 1 / ml, the total number of colonies is less than 100 /ml. Before entering the chicken, it is necessary to carry out quality inspection on the water and clean and disinfect it to ensure the safety of the water.
First, the water temperature should be moderate, the water temperature is generally 10 ~ 20 ° C is appropriate, too cold water will reduce the egg production rate, feed consumption, chicken refused to drink overheated water, it is best to put a large container in the chicken house to release water, The water temperature is raised to room temperature; the second is sufficient supply, the chicken’s water requirement is generally twice that of the feed intake, but the actual demand is affected by many factors, so it is necessary to supply sufficient drinking water; third, the water level is suitable, the water tank is suitable The height of the water level is 1.5 cm in the brooding period and 1.5 to 2 cm in the breeding period. There is too much water in the sink, and the chicks are easily damaged by water.

Commercial chick brooder
Commercial chick brooder

2. Handling of chicken drinking water:
In the water supply system of the chicken house, a drinking fountain has more than one chicken at the same time. If one or several chickens of these chickens have some pathogen or virus, they are likely to spread to the whole group through the drinking water system. Infectious diseases transmitted by drinking water include infectious rhinotracheitis, infectious bronchitis, mycoplasma, etc. Other drinking water medications and immunizations also change the quality of water. Therefore, the cleaning and disinfection of chicken drinking water is very important.
(1) Equipment cleaning and disinfection: The water storage container and the water supply system should be cleaned at least once a month. Generally, the pump is rinsed with a high pressure cleaning pump or the detergent is used to remove scale and impurities from the drinking water system, and then the disinfectant is used to disinfect the drinking water. Cleansers should be used to clean the drinking water system before and after administration. After using the cleaning agent, the drinking water system should be completely cleaned with clean water to remove residual detergent to prevent it from dying or changing the water quality.
(2) Disinfection of drinking water: bleaching powder can be used for disinfection of drinking water in normal times. It is suitable to use 3 to 5 mg/L of effective chlorine in drinking water.

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