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The layout of the automated vertical chicken brood cage, the placement of the automated vertical chicken brood cage, the installation of the cleaning machine, the wet curtain, the loading machine and other supporting facilities need to be carefully designed. Scientific planning will bring great convenience to our later farming work.

The design of the automated vertical chicken brood cage should note the following:

Height, width and length of the house: according to the size of the cage equipment, and whether it is flat with a manure machine. Equipment such as a quail egg machine is designed.

The overall size of the house: The number of chickens determines the number of cages. The number of cages determines the number and length of cages to be placed, which in turn determines the size of the house.

automated vertical chicken brood cage

Manure width: With the popularity of automated equipment, automatic manure removal machines are an integral part of the manure, so the ditch may be counted.

Feeder equipment: Consider the equipment that must be counted in the height of the house.

Wet curtains and fans: generally located at both ends of the house to facilitate the circulation of air, effectively controlling the temperature inside the house.

Of course, these are just some of the factors that need to be considered in the construction of the house, but they are indispensable factors. We will encounter more problems during the real construction process, which requires more detailed data analysis. The sophisticated design guarantees a sound science in the construction of the house.

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