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Nipple drinking systemIntroduction of nipple drinking system for chicken:

The nipple drinking system is a more important life support system for chickens and poultry. The company’s high quality broiler nipple drinker makes this system simpler, safer and more efficient. It provides fresh and clean reference water for broilers, improves feeding environment and reduces feed. Waste reduces the labor intensity of breeding and becomes an indispensable equipment for modern standard farming.

Layout of nipple drinking system in poultry: We recommend that the drinking water in the house be 2.5-3.5 meters first. The general drinking line is one more than the feed line.

The height of the waterline; the distance between the lower end of the nipple stem and the bottom of the net is between 8 and 10.5 cm, so that all the chicks can drink water when they are looking up, and avoid the chicken back to the touch rod, the water line. Can be raised and lowered according to the different age requirements of the chicken

Water level height; 1-7 day old chicks show tube water level 50-80mm 8-15 day old chicks show tube water level height 80-200mm

More than 15 days, the chicken shows the water level of the tube 200-250mm

Precautions for automatic nipple drinking system:

1 The water line should be straight and the end of the water pressure regulator should be raised slightly to prevent air plugging.

2 padding net should be flat pad, especially during brooding.

3 All drugs that pass through the water line must be dissolved in water and added after filtration. Do not precipitate or crystallize. Do not add drugs that are insoluble in water or not dissolved in water to the water line to avoid clogging the nipple.

4 regularly flush the water line, check the nipple, prevent water shortage, and leak.

5 After emptying, you need to wash the waterline with low soap water (1%-1.5%), then infiltrate the waterline with 0.2% acetic acid solution, rinse with clean water.

More images of automatic drinker for chicken:

Nipple drinking system
Nipple Drinker
Nipple drinking system
Broiler Nipple Drinkers


Nipple drinking system           Nipple drinking system

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