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Manure removal systemApplication of poultry manure removal system:

The manure system of various chicken houses, such as egg houses, broiler houses, breeding houses, and brooding houses.

Equipment configuration: motor, track, power distribution system.

Advantages of the stepped belt cleaning system:

  1. Equipped with mechanical transmission device, stable operation, low noise and long service life;
  2. The loading and discharging processes are all automatically controlled, which is more precise and prevents the waste of feed;
  3. The overall beam of the vehicle adopts an arch structure, which has the characteristics of high bearing capacity and small deformation under pressure;
  4. It has the characteristics of saving labor, saving feed and adding feed evenly, which greatly improves the benefits of large-scale farming;
  5. Imported electronic thyristor material is used, the amount of material can be controlled in each layer, the material is evenly distributed, and the operation is stable.

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Manure removal system

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