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The effect of light on laying hens
There are two aspects to the effect of light on chickens:

1 promote the role of multiple hormones in the gonads;

2 Through the cycle of photoperiod, the inherent rhythm of all functions in the chicken is synchronized with the light and dark.

The mechanism of light action is generally believed to be that the stimulating effect of light is transmitted to the lower part of the thalamus via the optic nerve pathway or directly through the skull to the pineal and hypothalamus, acting on the light sensor to stimulate the secretion of GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone), GnRH Through the pituitary portal vein to the anterior pituitary, causing the secretion of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone), promote follicular development and ovulation.

In the process of avian reproductive endocrine changes and regulation, light has the most significant impact on it, and directly affects production performance. In modern poultry production, this has become the main means of controlling the sexual maturity of chickens. Light has little effect on the pre-growth stage of chicks (before 10 weeks of age). After 12 weeks of age, due to the rapid development of the reproductive system, the change of illumination length has a great influence on it. In the light management of laying hens during laying, the number of hours of light during laying is generally considered to be no less than 16 hours.
The effect of light on laying hens
Chicken sexual maturity, egg production, egg weight, eggshell thickness, egg production time, egg production to ovulation interval, fertilization rate, semen quality and incubation period and physiological status, activity, metabolism and behavior have an impact.

Layer chicken cage price in india
Layer chicken cage price in india

First, the impact of care time on laying hens

The length of illumination time is closely related to the age of maturity of the chicken. Too short a light time during the breeding period will delay sexual maturity, and too long will advance sexual maturity. Premature mature chickens are opened early, eggs are light, egg production rate is low, and egg production peaks are short. If the sudden shortening of light at the peak of egg production can reduce the egg production rate and increase the mortality rate, even if the original light is restored, it is difficult to reach the original egg production level in a short time.

Second, the impact of light intensity on laying hens
Excessive light can make the chickens irritated, causing severe paralysis, rectal prolapse and nervousness. Sudden increase in light can increase the number of malformed eggs such as broken shell eggs, soft shells, large eggs, double yellow eggs, and small eggs. The sudden death of chickens is increased, but the light is too weak, which can reduce the feed intake of chicks and reduce drinking water. . Reasonable light intensity can not only improve the egg production and egg production rate of the chicken, but also save electricity and reduce the occurrence of chicken sputum.

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