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The symptoms of laying down of laying hens are reflected:

1. Initially, individual chickens are licking their noses, and they have nasal fluids. After 1-2 days, the nose is increased, and individual chickens are snoring. At this time, the feed intake will start to decrease, and then the egg production will be increased. The rate of decline is also faster, the color of the eggshell becomes lighter, and the quality of the eggshell becomes thinner and lighter.

2. The feed intake and energy status of the flock are normal during the day, but the respiratory sounds will be heard at night, and the initial sound will be followed by a snoring sound. The egg cage manufacturer reminds you that the snoring sound occurs near the door. The flocks can be observed with a decrease in feed intake and a drop in egg production for about a week. The eggshell is of poor quality and presents soft preserved eggs and sable eggs.

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3. The feed intake of the chickens is normal, the energy is normal, the egg production is small in the morning, and the egg production in the afternoon is increased. Under normal circumstances, it should be less in the morning and more afternoons. The color of the eggshells is slightly shallower, with soft shells and sand skins. The phenomenon.

4. The flock’s feed intake is normal and the energy is normal, but suddenly the egg production rate drops, and the decline is not large, but the undulation is wave-like, and the eggshell color is normal.

5. Large groups of chickens have normal feed intake, energy and feces, but if you look closely, you will find that the cockscombs will be purple in the morning, and will recover normally at noon. The color and quality of the eggshells are normal, but the egg production rate will drop by about 20%.

6. Chickens have normal feed intake and normal energy, but they will suddenly appear pheasant. As the disease progresses, the number of pheasants will also increase. The egg production rate will fluctuate by about 20%-30%, and the eggshell quality will change. The color of the eggshell is lighter. The anatomy is often accompanied by yolk peritonitis.

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