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In the process of laying hens. How to ensure the high egg production rate of laying hens is the key, and the breeding process should have scientific and effective breeding methods and techniques.

Control chick sex. When 10% glucose was added to the hen feed, the females accounted for 64.2%, and the males accounted for 35.8%. When 10% glucose was added to the cock feed, the males accounted for 59.8% and the females accounted for 39.2%.
Simple calculation of feeding of Broiler cage system cost. The daily feed amount per gram of chicks before the age of 10 days (g) = age + 2; the daily feed amount (g) of the 11-50 day old chicks is the same as the age of the same; the chickens of 51-150 days old each Only daily feed (g) = 50 + (days – 50) ÷ 2; 151 days old or older broilers are stable at more than 100 grams per day.

Poultry Farm H type Broiler Chicken Cages
Poultry Farm H type Broiler Chicken Cages

Laying hens in the afternoon. The eggshell is formed at night, and more than 90% of the calcium in the afternoon is directly used to form the eggshell. In general, the laying hens are 3% at the beginning and the end of the period, and the peak period is 5%.
The hens have a high yield of acupuncture. Before the Battery cage eggs are opened, acupuncture points on the thighs can increase egg production by more than 25%, egg weight by 5%, and feed compensation by 2%.
The laying hens are fed with zinc for quick feathering. Laying hens that need artificial moulting, feed 2% zinc oxide in the diet, according to routine management, 10 days later, a large number of hair removal, 22 days to resume egg production, 58 days of age into the peak of egg production, shorter than the conventional method 25 -40 days.
Chicken farm deodorization method. Take 7 parts of ferrous sulfate, 3 parts of dry coal ash, grind finely, add 10% of the weight of chicken manure to add deodorant, treat chicken manure as fish feed or fertilizer.
Chili smoked Layer chicken cage has good anti-mite effect. Every year in the spring and autumn season, 10-20 dried peppers are bundled with straw, ignited into the chicken house, and the doors and windows are fumigation. When the peppers are completely burned, the doors and windows are opened to disperse the smoke, and the chickens are rushed into the house.

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