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The baby chicken cage integration technique can be seen as a different design for the poultry house without the chicken, the cage, the manure treatment system and the fecal storage facility. Most of the technology is an improvement on the technology of open manure storage facilities under the cage. This open fecal storage technology is not considered a potential BAT, but can be used as a reference system.

baby chicken cage

First, the feces in the chicken cage area are removed to the feces storage. These fecal storage facilities can be connected to chicken cages. It can also be a separate storage building within a farm. In order to compare different systems, emissions from chicken cages and emissions from storage areas must be evaluated. Emissions from the fecal storage room are mainly determined by the amount of material produced by the poultry house (% dry matter), the temperature of the air in the storage area, and the temperature of the faeces pile itself. Chemical reactions in the feces cause ammonia nitrogen emissions from the feces. The humidity of the feces itself also increases ammonia nitrogen emissions, although adding water to the feces to form a slurry will reduce ammonia nitrogen emissions. Although in practice, it is necessary to add water in order to make the slurry easier to pump out, the use of this method is gradually reduced due to the production of water, odor and excessive volume of manure.

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