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At present, there are more and more large-scale farmers, and chicken cage equipment is becoming more and more degraded and environmentally friendly. Therefore, in the face of high-density chicken houses, ventilation measures and standards become more important.

Ventilation guidelines: Ensure that the house is air fresh and ventilated; the design is based on maximum summer ventilation and the local winter climate (designed minimum ventilation).

 Cooling Fan layout principle: installed on the gable side of the dirt side or the adjacent side wall; the height of the fan is 0.4-0.5m from the ground plane or the center is higher than the feeding layer; when the fan is arranged, the fan can be combined. The diameter of the fan is 1400mm. The air inlet is generally equal to the cross-sectional area of ​​the house or twice the area of ​​the exhaust. Reducing the cross-sectional area in the case of a certain amount of ventilation in the house can increase the wind speed inside the house.

Cooling Fan

1. Semi-open house ventilation planning

The combination of natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation, the chicken house is designed with lighting windows, and additional windows, skylights, ventilated ridges, etc., mechanically assisted ventilation when necessary in summer.

2. Closed house ventilation planning

The mechanical negative pressure ventilation mode is adopted, and the axial ventilation of the chicken house is longitudinally ventilated, and the ventilation design: total exhaust air volume = wind speed (m/s) * cross-sectional area of ​​the chicken house (m2), and then the number of fans is calculated according to the total exhaust air volume; The air inlet is designed on the other side of the chicken coop, and a small ventilation window is installed on the side walls near the gable to facilitate ventilation in winter. Ventilation system control: An automatic temperature control system is recommended. In order to control the number of fans and the wind speed of the house.

Fan equipment

Ensuring the circulation of air in the chicken house not only helps the maintenance of the chicken cage equipment, but also contributes to the healthy growth of the chicken. Only reasonable ventilation design, and ventilation standards.

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