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Timed vaccination of chickens is the most important measure to prevent the epidemic of chickens. When cultivating chickens, the common methods of vaccination are muscle injection, subcutaneous injection, subcutaneous injection, nose drops (eye), Drinking water and spraying.

Muscle Shooting: The injection site is in the muscles of the foot or thigh. When injecting, first disinfect the injection area with iodine, then use the left thumb and forefinger to press the “eight” shape on the injection site, hold the needle in the right hand, puncture 0.5-1 cm vertically, and then inject the vaccine. At the end of the injection, the needle is pulled out and the injection site is disinfected with 750% alcohol.

Subcutaneous injection: the injection site is subcutaneously on the inner side of the thigh. When the injection is made, it is disinfected according to the usual practice. The skin is pinched with the thumb and middle finger of the left hand, and the needle is placed with the right hand. The needle is inserted obliquely under the skin. After the needle is inserted, the needle can move left and right to inject the vaccine. After the injection, it can be seen that a small bag is bulged under the skin. After pulling out the needle, press the pinhole with alcohol cotton.

4 layer coop chicken cage
4 layer coop chicken cage

Subcutaneous thorn method: the thorn part is subcutaneously on the inside of the wing. Use a sterilized pen tip to take the vaccine and puncture the skin twice. Avoid vascularization when puncturing, to avoid causing adverse reactions.

Nasal drops (eye drops) method: use a plastic head to pick up the tube or eye drops to take the vaccine, and take a drop to the chicken’s nostrils (or in the eye). Be careful when choosing the “eye drop method”.

Spray method: Also known as aerosol immunization, it is suitable for immunization of medium or large chicken farms. The spray method is to dilute the vaccine and spray the chicken with a special sprayer to allow the flock to inhale the vaccine while breathing, so as to reach the purpose of immunization. The spray can be made with a domestically produced LM-II medical spray gun or copied by itself. The sprayed granules should be between 5 and 10 microns. Some people have chosen to use large droplets of 20-30 microns, which can be evenly and stably suspended in the air. For example, every 1 ml of Newcastle disease I vaccine plus 30-50 ml of cold boiled water can avoid 2000 adult chickens. When spraying, be careful to close the door and window of the house and spray the nozzle evenly to the flock. After spraying, the flock should stay in the house for 20-30 minutes. Then open the doors and windows. Chicks below 1 month of age are susceptible to respiratory disease due to spray immunity, so this method should not be used.

Drinking water method: Mix the vaccine in the water and let the chicken drink. This method is easy to operate and is suitable for large chicken farms. Drinking water and drinking water should be stopped for 2 to 4 hours before drinking the vaccine. The water for drinking vaccine is preferably softened water.

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