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Brooding cage: used to raise chicks of the age of one month. Chicken cages designed according to the feeding characteristics and habits of the chicks are more suitable for the growth and development of the chicks.

chicken coop building plans
The size of this kind of chicken cage is generally 195*35*50cm, the growth of the square body structure, the middle is separated, the chicken cage can be fed on both sides, and there are regulating nets on both sides of the chicken cage, which can be used for brooding and breeding. The bottom net of the chicken cage is denser and grows square. According to the structure of the chicken cage, the structure is generally three-dimensional, divided into three layers or four layers. There is a slab between the layers. Hanging troughs and sinks on both sides of the chicken cage for chicks to eat and drink. The advantage of using chicken cages is to make full use of the area of ​​the brooding room, to facilitate heat preservation and disinfection, to separate the chickens and chicken manure, to reduce the occurrence of diseases such as coccidiosis, and to improve the survival rate. The method of use is generally to place the chicks on the upper 2 to 3 layers. As the chicks age, the area occupied by the chicks gradually increases, and the chickens in the upper chicken cages are gradually transferred to the lower chicken cages to reduce the stocking density. Reduce the stress response of the group, improve the survival rate, and also facilitate early insulation. The chicken cage is also shaped by a human figure. The chicken cage is made into a stepped type. The chicken manure is leaked at the bottom of the chicken cage. There is no need to connect the manure plate. The method of use is not much different from the three-dimensional rectangular structure.

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