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When the chicken enters the house, the chicken house should be disinfected and sterilized for a period of time. This requires special cleaning and quarantine measures to ensure that the chicken house will be resistant to growth while keeping the house clean and hygienic. The specific cleaning steps are as follows:

1 Clean up the dirt. Clean chicken cops, feathers, and dust from chicken cages, floors, walls, and items as much as possible, and clean up contaminated litter and roof cobwebs.

2 wash. Flush the mountain house to improve the disinfection effect.

3 carefully select the drug. When disinfecting with chicken, it is generally necessary to spray disinfectant on the equipment, chicken body and eggs. The principle of drug selection: First, broad spectrum, high efficiency, strong, and second, it is harmful to humans, stimulating parts, skin absorption is small, unbounded

Oh, the little ones will remain in the meat and eggs.

4 scientific dosing. Prepare the disinfectant with tap water to avoid weakening the effectiveness of the disinfectant. The spray volume should be increased or decreased according to the structure of the bird, the ground conditions, and the climatic conditions.

Automatic Egg Chicken Layer Cage for Poultry Farm
Automatic Egg Chicken Layer Cage for Poultry Farm

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