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Choosing good quality chicken cages is really important for chicken farmers. But how to choose better chicken cages?


1. The iron bar spacing of the chicken cage, this index of the chicken cage is very important, the most reasonable spacing is 2.5cm * 5cm, and some farmers may think that the larger the body size of the chicken can increase the spacing, this idea is wrong. Conditional farmers can also lay a plastic net that matches the cage eye at the bottom of the broiler cage. This not only can buffer the strength of the egg hitting the net to reduce the egg breaking rate, but also prevent some diseases.


2. The angle of the bottom of the egg cage is designed to be accurate. The angle of the cage should be accurate. The small angle can not roll out the egg in time. The chicken is stepped on. The large angle may cause the egg to break.


3. Pay attention to the connection between the chicken cage and the bottom of the chicken cage. Here you must remind everyone that there are farmers. You can’t leave a big gap here, because there are more eggs here, you must buy the chicken cage when you buy it.


4. The material selection of the chicken cage. The choice of materials for the chicken cage is very particular. To choose a suitable material with toughness, the diameter of the wire at the bottom of the cage is the smallest at 2 mm, and the larger the diameter of the wire, the more likely it is to break the egg.

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