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In terms of chicken and poultry farming, the choice of chicken cages can be based on the type of cages, and the location of the chicken houses will also be differentiated according to the type of feeding. The choice of chicken site should be based on the purpose of various types of chicken houses, convenient analysis of users, local natural conditions and livestock production layout to determine the chicken

Automatic Egg Chicken Layer Cage for Poultry Farm

The location of the house, the choice should pay attention to the following issues:

1. The house should be away from railways, traffic routes, and places where vehicles travel frequently.

2. It is the original breeder house, breeding house, hatchery and commodity (meat, egg) house and brooding and breeding workshop (field) must be strictly separated.

3, is the chicken house to choose in the higher, flat, open, dry place. Surrounding walls should be built around, and drainage is required, water supply is sufficient, water quality is good, and roads, rivers, villages (residential areas), factories, schools and other livestock farms are located.

4. The house should be kept away from heavy industrial plants and chemical plants. Because the waste water and waste gas emitted by these factories often contain heavy metals, harmful gases and smoke, polluting air and water. It not only harms the health of the flock, but also the accumulation of these harmful substances in eggs and meat, which is also harmful to the human body.

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