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The construction of Broiler cage for sale should be tailored to local conditions, and permanent and simple ones can be built. Generally, it is more economical and practical to build a simple chicken cage with a plastic film greenhouse. It can be moved according to the mountain trend, and it is better to sit in the north and face the south, which is good for lighting and heat preservation. The area of the chicken cage can be determined according to the number of chickens. It is more suitable to raise 8 to 10 chickens per square meter. The single-slanted chicken house is simple and easy to build. The chicken cage is 5m wide and the length depends on the area of the house.

Broiler cage system cost
Broiler cage system cost

The front height is 2m, and the height is 1.2-1.4m. The top is covered with eucalyptus, bamboo poles, etc., then flattened with straw, smeared with yellow mud and sawdust, and the outermost layer is covered with linoleum paper or plastic film. The surrounding walls can be nailed to the board or tied with branches. The outside is smeared and the outer layer is covered with plastic cloth to prevent wind and rain. Air exchange ports are provided on both sides, and a habitat frame is arranged in the chicken cage. When the density is high, a ladder frame can be set up. At the same time, it is necessary to set up a fence to control the chickens. When erecting the fence, the chicken cage should be used as the axis, and the fan-shaped auxiliary shot should be directed to the top of the mountain. The nylon net should be placed on each side 60-90m. The mountain part can be set without nets, so that the chicken can feed in the fence.

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