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Chicken cages are the cages used by more farmers or professional farmers to raise chickens. They are usually welded with steel materials. Do you know the classification of chicken cages?

According to the different types of chickens, they can be divided into three types: Layer chicken cage, Broiler cage for sale and Chick brooder cage.

Broiler cage system in india
Broiler cage system in india

According to the design type, it is divided into: stepped chicken cage and stacked chicken cage.

According to whether it can automatically raise chickens, it can be divided into: automatic chicken equipment and common chicken equipment.

According to the surface plating materials are divided into: cold-galvanized chicken cage, hot-dip galvanized chicken cage, electrostatic spray chicken cage.

A set of breeding equipment includes: chicken cages, cages, loading machines, water dispensers, cleaning machines and other equipment. The unit of measure is a group, and the price of each group ranges from 500 to 1000. The number of chickens raised in each group of chicken cages varies according to the type of chicken and the style of the cage.

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