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The usual maintenance and maintenance of chicken cages is the fundamental operation of equipment maintenance, and it is necessary to be institutionalized and standardized. For the punctual maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, the quota of work and the cost of materials shall be drawn up, and the inspection shall be carried out according to the quota. The punctual maintenance and maintenance of the equipment shall be classified into the inspection contents of the contract responsibility system of the workshop. Equipment punctual inspection is a preventive inspection with a plan. In addition to the human senses, there must be certain inspections and instruments. The punctual inspection card is executed. The punctual inspection is also called Punctual inspection. The mechanical equipment should also be checked for accuracy to ensure the accuracy of the equipment’s practical accuracy.

Battery cage eggs
Battery cage eggs

Regarding the maintenance of Cage free eggs benefits, it is necessary to keep the inside and outside of the chicken cage clean and tidy. Together, make sure that there are no oil stains on the sliding surface, screw, rack, gear box, oil hole, etc. in the egg cage, and the parts are not leaking or leaking. Gas, the chips, debris and dirt around the chicken cage equipment should be cleaned; things, accessories, workpieces (commodities) should be placed neatly, pipes and lines should be organized; smooth and timely oil or oil change, continuous oil, no dry friction The oil pressure is normal, the oil standard is bright, the oil road is dredged, the oil quality meets the requirements, the oil gun, the oil cup and the linoleum are cleaned; the safety operation rules are adhered to, the equipment is not overloaded, and the safety protection device of the equipment is completely reliable and timely eliminated. Security element.

The maintenance of the cage should be carried out in accordance with the maintenance procedures. The maintenance procedures of the equipment are the requirements and rules for the normal maintenance of the equipment. The equipment maintenance procedures are adhered to, which can extend the service life of the equipment and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

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