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First, the operating principle:

1. The main scraper, the rotating wheel, the traction rope, the scraping manure board, etc. can form an automatic scraping machine, and the operation of the speed reducer is driven according to the operation of the motor, and the rotation of the sprocket drives the operation of the traction scraper to complete the cleaning operation.

2. Because the anti-skid wheel is next to the driving wheel, the price of the feed mill increases the conflicting force between the drawstring and the drive wheel, and adjusts the tension of the drawstring to the optimal state, which can further improve the power of conflict.

Poultry manure removal system
Poultry manure removal system

3. Use the best international cycloid reducer.

4. The motor and reducer of the septic machine are not only small in size but also simple and convenient in operation.

5. Farmers should understand the structure, function and control of the machine, as well as often check the use of the system.

Second, the functional features:

1. Select the most advanced national standard cycloid reducer to ensure the reasonableness of the output transmission ratio.

2. The motor and reducer are directly connected in small size and easy to operate.

3. Hot-dip galvanizing thick scraper ensures the long service life of the cleaning machine.

4. The scraper is made by high-precision CNC lathe and never deformed.

5. Special chain, anti-corrosion, long life.

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