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Chicken cages usually require artificial temperature in 0-8 weeks when raising chickens in the early stages of raising chickens.

1 Heating and heating: The heating is installed in the brooding house. The boiler is installed in other rooms, and the number of heating is determined according to the temperature inside the house. The method is stable in temperature and clean and suitable for large chicken farm applications.

Commercial chick brooder
Commercial chick brooder

2 coal stove heating: This is the heating equipment commonly used in China, especially in the north, and the house with good insulation can be placed in a coal stove of 20-30m2. This method is simple and easy, and it can reduce the cost of brooding. When installing the chimney, the distance from the heat source to the outside of the chimney should be slightly upward to prevent the soot from being poured. This type of heating is commonly used in smaller chicken farms. The disadvantage of this method is indoor air pollution, and the temperature is not stable enough.


3 Infrared heating: There are two main forms of infrared heating elements, namely, the heating element and the dark heating element. Both types should be installed under the metal reflector. The bulb for the heating element is 250 watts, which can heat 100-250 chicks. The dark heating body only announces that the infrared light does not emit light. Therefore, it should be equipped with an illumination lamp. The body power is 180-500 watts. The height of the infrared heater from the ground should be determined according to the brooding season and the age of the chick. When the ice is cold, the pitch is 35cm above the ground. When the temperature is hot, the pitch is 40-50cm above the ground. The feed and drinker should not be placed in the middle of the heating element. The number of brooding of the heating body is related to the room temperature, and the method is applicable to the above-ground raising or online raising.

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