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Illumination is a crucial factor influencing the laying rate of laying hens. Illumination affects egg production by affecting a range of physiological processes in laying hens. The current research has shown that the light intensity will affect the behavior of the laying hens. Excessive light can make the chickens irritated, and the suitable light intensity is beneficial to the normal growth and development of the chickens.

farm battery egg laying chickencage for sale

farm battery egg laying chickencage for sale

The application of LED lamp in poultry production is becoming a research hotspot. The cascading cage culture is a large-scale laying hen breeding mode popularized in China in recent years. The feeding mode is due to the overlapping of the upper and lower chicken cages and the influence of the upper layer on the lower layer. Very large, in order to explore the difference in illumination intensity of LED lights between the upper and lower layers of the stacked chicken cage, the experiment measured the light intensity between different layers by a large number of measurements, and found that the second layer of light intensity is the strongest, the fourth layer is the lowest; the first layer of variation The smallest, the third layer has the largest variation. Because the LED lamp has strong directivity, the light intensity in the normal direction is the largest, and the light intensity changes with the deviation from the normal normal angle. The variation of the light intensity between different layers is also large.

The density of chicken cages is one of the key factors affecting light. Reasonable placement of chicken equipment is an effective guarantee for the rationality of illumination.

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