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Free-range broiler feeding equipment
free range broiler chickens

Introduction of free-range broiler feeding equipment:

  1. The tray made of anti-corrosion and anti-aging material is divided into 14 separate feeding spaces, and the material level can be adjusted separately;
  2. The fully enclosed material tube is filled with materials, and all the trays simultaneously deliver fresh and non-polluting feeds at the same time, with low noise and reduced flock stress;
  3. The hen tray is equipped with an adjustable height cover to prevent the cock from eating;
  4. Compared with the traditional chain feeding, the fully enclosed feeding is not affected by the movement of the chain when eating, which significantly reduces the occurrence of bruises and leg diseases;
  5. The entire feeding line can be adjusted height, with the growth of the flock, reduce feed waste during use, and does not affect the activity space of the flock;
  6. The unique mode of the disc transport mode, reducing the friction between components and components, greatly reducing the maintenance rate of equipment and accessories loss rate.
  7. how to raise broiler chickens for profit

More broiler chicken feeding guide pictures:

how to raise broiler chickens for profit
how to raise broiler chickens for profit


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