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commercial chick brooder
commercial chick brooder

Introduction to brooder house for chickens:

chicken brooders for sale can be divided into three-layer building a quail brooder and four-layer vertical brooding cage.

Three-layer step type: 195cm × 240cm × 140cm

Four-layer vertical: 160cm × 70cm × 140cm

The three-tiered step-by-step brooding cage can hold 400-600 in each group, and the four-layer vertical cage can raise 200-400 in each group. Effectively save brooding area and facilitate centralized management. The unique vertical brooding cage design increases the density of the bottom net and is conducive to the growth of the chicks. Stepped quail brooder for sale can also be used as young chicken cages.


About Norde chicken brooders for sale

We are developing poultry machinery to implement efficient and more effective ways of poultry farming through our goods. We have variety of products available for sale. These products include chicken cages, manure removal machine, drinking machine for chicken, egg collecting machine, egg tray machine. The research facility of our industry enables our engineers to serve international market with new theories and develop a perfect solution for the poultry farming. Our Products have a great demand in all over the world.

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