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Feeding points of chickens in autumn egg cages

Russia has gradually entered the autumn, and the weather will gradually turn cold after the fall. For the chicken farms where the chickens are kept in the egg cages, it is a good time for the laying of new laying hens. Therefore, users of laying hens in this period should take scientific and reasonable The method is to let the laying hens produce more eggs, increase the laying performance and improve the economic benefits of the farmers. Then what are the breeding points of the laying hens in the autumn egg cage? The small series will tell the farmers.

1. Adjust the chickens: After entering the autumn, the farmers should pay attention to adjusting the chickens, and the low-yielding laying hens should be eliminated in a timely manner. The weak chickens, the stiff chickens, the chickens with serious squalor and the sick chickens with no therapeutic value should be Elimination will increase feed utilization and increase egg production rate.

2, increase feed nutrition: After the hot summer, the chickens will be more tired into the autumn, so this period farmers should pay attention to timely adjustment of feed nutrition, after the autumn should feed more animal protein feed, can guarantee that not yet The moulting chicken continues to moult and lay eggs, which promotes the feather-changing chicken to grow into feathers and restore the eggs as soon as possible.

3, the use of additives: in the process of feeding the laying hens in the fall, farmers can add some additives to improve the laying rate of laying hens. Enhance the body’s ability to resist stress and disease, and save feed.

4. Increasing the illumination time: For users who use the open chicken house to raise laying hens, it should be noted that the natural light time will gradually decrease after the autumn, so the farmers should pay attention to moderately supplementing the light. When supplementing the light, the ground light intensity is preferably 3 lux. Turn on the lights twice a day, turn on the lights until dawn at 4 to 5 in the first morning, and turn on the lights until 20 to 21 in the second dark. Turn on the lights during the cloudy days. Feeding points of chickens in autumn egg cages

5, forced moulting: autumn is the period of laying hens, in order not to affect the economic benefits of farmers, most farmers will choose to force the moulting moulting, forced moulting can promote the simultaneous moulting, and open Production, but pay attention to scientific and effective methods is to ensure the success of laying hens and ensure the key to egg production performance.

6, timely deworming: after entering the fall, farmers should pay attention to the work of deworming, autumn is the best time for laying hens, choose some effective drugs to deworm according to the correct method, give the chickens a safe production surroundings.Feeding points of chickens in autumn egg cages


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