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There are many factors affecting the performance of laying hens in Layer chicken cage, which are generally summarized as variety selection, environmental factors, feeding conditions, and disease factors.
Variety quality
The seed material carries the genetic basis of the genetics. The quality of the variety is reflected by the quality of the seedlings. The quality of the seedlings is usually evaluated by the purity of the quality and the purity of the health. The quality of the pure refers to the pure non-hybrid of the breed, and the purity of the health refers to It is robust and does not carry harmful bacterial viruses. In practice, it usually only pays attention to the price and does not pay attention to quality.
The key to choosing a good variety: First, choose a big brand, second, do a good job in the preliminary investigation and investigation, and third, conduct quantitative testing and testing.

chicken layer cage for sale
chicken layer cage for sale

Second environment of Battery cage eggs
The feeding process determines the production environment of the chicken. Due to scientific and technological progress and technological breakthroughs, the natural environment in all parts of the country has little effect on the production performance of laying hens. China’s commercial laying hens are undergoing a transition from simple and original low-density full-step ladders to high-density laminated chicken cages. The cage is being replaced by artificially regulated environment, and the environment inside the house directly affects the performance of the chicken.
Three breeding
Feeding management affects all aspects of chicken production performance. The level of feeding management is soft power. It takes time and practice to accumulate. People are the performers of feeding management. The system, experience, incentives and emotions affect people’s feeding behavior. The management guideline, weight, feeding, and chicken uniformity are the basic requirements for feeding management.

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