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After the chicken house is built, how to ensure the normal operation of the culture? It is necessary to continuously strengthen the supervision of the house inside the house. First, it must have certain environmental knowledge standards: temperature, humidity, light and the concentration of harmful gases in the air. Maintenance knowledge of chicken cages such as chicken cages and manure removal machines is also needed. Only in this way can the normal operation of the farming work be guaranteed.

Chick brooder cage
Chick brooder cage

Before entering the Battery cages design, you should grasp the key points and conduct inspections from outside the Quail brooder.

The microclimate of the chicken farm is suitable for rodent growth. Numerous pipeline holes provide the conditions for hiding and living, and the chicken feed provides them with abundant food. Therefore, some chicken farms that are deficient in rodents often have a lot of mice. The hazard is serious. The rodents in chicken farms are mainly manifested in four aspects: one is to bite the bitch chicks; the other is to steal feed. The third is the transmission of diseases. The mice are the spreaders of many diseases such as Newcastle disease, coccidiosis, and chicken chronic respiratory diseases. The fourth is to infest the chickens, affect the growth and production of chickens, and even cause stress. death.

When building a chicken farm, consider the rodent shelters such as walls, floors, and roofs. The gaps between the water pipes, wires and ventilation ducts should be tight. The borders of the doors and windows should be in close contact with the surrounding. The lower edge of the door should be covered with iron, and the wire mesh and the ventilation hole should be installed with a wire mesh with a hole diameter of less than 3 cm. Always pay attention to prevent rats from entering the house and find that the rat-proof device should be repaired in time. Don’t have debris in the house. Go out to the chicken coop and close the door. Leave an open area of ​​at least 2 meters outside the house to facilitate rat prevention. Because rodents generally do not travel through such a wide space, they cannot extend the plant green belt between the two chicken houses indefinitely. No vegetation is planted around the chicken house or only low grass is planted. This ensures that the mouse has nowhere to hide. Clear the grass and garbage in the field and leave no hiding conditions for the rats. The food source and water source feed of the rats should be kept in a safe place, and the feed for feeding the chicken should be cleaned up at any time. Cut off the food source and water source of the mouse, and bait the rodent.

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