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In the autumn and winter, the atmosphere is novel and the airflow rate is slow. Before the winter, the space that should not enter the air should be repaired, especially the air leakage at the exhaust fan must be disposed of well to avoid the partial cooling of the wind, so that the whole house is not smooth and the temperature of the fan is low, forming a chicken group. The disease affects the birth.

4 layer coop chicken cage

When the ammonia content in the 4 layer coop chicken cage is heavier, the temperature inside the house should be increased first, and then the air volume should be increased. If the atmosphere in the morning is more turbid, it is necessary to increase the amount of ventilation and gradually increase. The best is to stop when the midday temperature is high.

Each time the wind can be shorter, the number of air permeation can be more. You must not leave a dead end when you are ventilating. If you want to increase the number of fans that are turned on, look at the flocks carefully after opening them, and stop them without any adverse reactions.

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