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Eight-layer cascading egg cages were successfully installed in Central Asia:

8 tiers layer chicken egg cage battery cagesfor chicken farm

8tiers layer chicken egg cage battery cagesfor chicken farm
8tiers layer chicken egg cage battery cagesfor chicken farm

Today our engineers installed an 8-layer egg cage in the Uzbekistan farm in Central Asia.
With Automatic egg collection system  automatic manure removal machine , Chicken drinking system . A chicken house can raise 100,000 chickens

Best selling high quality chicken egg layer cages in south africa
Best selling high quality chicken egg layer cages in south africa

Automatic Layer ChickenCage For Sale  features

 Automatic Layer ChickenCage For Sale
Automatic Layer ChickenCage For Sale

1, a full set of hot-dip galvanizing process, corrosion-resistant, service life of more than 20 years;

2, high-density breeding to save land, about 70% of the land saved by the ladder;

3. Centralized management, saving energy and resources, using advanced ventilation system, lighting system and automatic control system to fully save energy, improve labor productivity and increase the ratio of raw materials to eggs;

4. Save space and increase the stocking density to 62/m2;

5. The conveyor belt type clearing waste is used to dry the chicken manure into granular shape, reduce environmental pollution, and the reuse rate of chicken manure is high;

6, ecological / environmental protection, is the ideal feeding equipment for green eggs and environmentally friendly egg products.

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