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Egg chicken cage/chicken laying egg cages

The wire mesh of chicken laying egg cages is a hot-dip galvanized wire mesh, which is 3-4 times of the corrosion resistance of ordinary hot-dip chrome-plated wire mesh parts;

chicken laying egg cages
chicken laying egg cages

●Push-pull cage door of layer coop chicken cage : equivalent to a sliding grille, plastic parts are limited, easy to operate, which is conducive to the transfer and transfer of chickens;

layer coop chicken cage
layer coop chicken cage

● The bottom net of Automatic Egg Chicken Layer Cage for Poultry Farm  is installed on the tensioned steel wire, which has large elasticity and can greatly reduce broken eggs, dirty eggs and cracked eggs;
● There are egg protection baffles on the inside of the troughs to prevent chickens from quailing eggs, and at the same time, prevent chicken droppings from splashing into the lower trough;
● There is a V-shaped water tank under the waterline to prevent dripping water from falling onto the conveyor belt, and the water content of the chicken manure is reduced;

Automatic Egg Chicken Layer Cage for Poultry Farm
Automatic Egg Chicken Layer Cage for Poultry Farm

●The trough strength is high, it can stand directly, which is good for the breeder to observe. At the same time, the trough has the inner edge and the feed waste is less; the bottom net and the net net use nylon suspension parts, which are anti-aging, high strength and good toughness;
● The trough type clearing belt support ensures that the chicken manure does not fall on the equipment and the cage group is clean.

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