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Under the influence of various environmental factors and factors of chicken cage equipment, temperature has the greatest impact on chicken production performance.

In the brooding period, the chicks have poor resistance and high temperature requirements. In the breeding and laying stages, the appropriate temperature is the guarantee for the normal performance of the chickens. If the temperature is higher, the feed intake of the chicken will decrease, the feed conversion rate will decrease, the weight gain of the broiler will be slowed down, the weight of the egg and egg will be reduced, the quality of the eggshell will decrease, the egg production rate will decrease, and the death will rise until a large number of hot chickens die.

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Low temperature will increase the maintenance of chickens, slow growth, higher ratio of feed to meat and meat. Winter temperature and excessive temperature fluctuations in the house will reduce the resistance of the chickens, lower the eggs, and induce respiratory diseases in the chickens. The moulting is discontinued, which indicates that temperature is the primary environmental factor that causes heat stress in poultry and affects the health and performance of the flock.

Therefore, while improving the chicken equipment such as chicken cages, the control factors of temperature conditions are strengthened, and the environment and equipment interact with each other to create maximum benefits.

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