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Excessive and too low temperatures are detrimental to chicken growth, egg production and feed utilization. The optimal temperature for the growth of the chickens decreases with the increase of the age. If the temperature is too high, the growth of the chickens will be slow, the mortality will increase, and the temperature will be too low, which will lead to a decrease in feed utilization. The broiler has the highest performance at 21C, and the suitable temperature for laying eggs is 13~23 °C. At higher ambient temperatures, egg weight begins to decrease above about 25 ° C; egg production, egg weight, total egg weight decrease, eggshell thickness decreases rapidly, and mortality increases at 27 ° C; egg production is sharp at 37.5 ° C Decline; above 43 ° C, more than 3 h, the chicken will die. Relatively speaking, low temperature

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The effects of chicken and laying hens are small. Adult chickens can withstand temperatures below 0 °C, but feed utilization is reduced. It is generally believed that continued exposure below 7 °C has an adverse effect on egg production and feed utilization.

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