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Refueling for the egg hen should choose time and stage refueling, don’t do it blindly, and don’t rush to seek success.

  1. Refueling time selection

For refueling of laying hens, it is best to change to laying chickens when the egg production rate reaches 2%-5%. The calcium content of laying hens should be 3.4%-3.5%, containing crude protein 18%. When it is expected, if it is a young chicken cultivated by natural light after the summer, it is often produced late, and it can be refueled at 18 weeks of age; if it is a reserve chicken cultivated with natural light after winter, it is often opened earlier. Refueling at 17 weeks.

  1. According to breed breeding standards

Refueling the chicken should first be carried out according to the standards of the breed. Generally, 19-20 weeks old chickens are fed with pre-production materials, also called transition materials. The calcium and protein components in the feed should be increased compared with the feed of young chickens. The ratio of calcium is generally 1%, and the crude protein is 16.5%, when refueling, the refueling process is gradually completed in about half a month.

  1. Young chicken refueling can not be eager to achieve

Refueling young chickens, can not be directly replaced with laying hens, nor suddenly refueling. If you are eager to complete the refueling in one time, the composition of calcium and crude protein will suddenly increase, especially the protein will increase, the amount of drinking water will increase, and the body of the chicken will cause diarrhea due to poor digestion and absorption. Therefore, the young chickens are refueled, the feed contains calcium at about 0.8%, and the crude protein at 15.5%.

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