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Any chicken cage will have a lot of dust, dust cleaning and control, which is an important part of the environment control of the chicken house during the management of the chicken farm.

The feed, feathers, and feces in the chicken house will become dust. The dust will be harmful to the chickens. Therefore, the dust needs to be cleaned regularly by the farmers to avoid affecting the chickens and breeders. The farmers introduced the cleaning and control points of the chicken cages.
1. Keep the aisle and cage clean: The key to reducing the presence of dust is that farmers should always keep the house and cage clean and help reduce dust in the house. The house is cleaned weekly to prevent dust from depositing, which repeatedly affects the flock. At the same time, when cleaning the house, wear a mask to protect yourself from dust.
2. Wear masks during immunization: In order to ensure the safety of farmers and breeding work, farmers should pay attention to raising a lot of dust when doing immunization, so be sure to wear a mask when doing this kind of work. Proper masking prevents more than 90% of the inhalable particles from entering the lungs. A mask with an exhalation valve will be more comfortable. Use at least a mask of level P2 or higher.

3. Water spray: Water can reduce dust. Many farmers know that when the house is dusty, farmers can choose to use clean water to spray dust. It can reduce at least 80% of large particle dust and 50% fine dust. . Disadvantages: The relative humidity in the house will increase, affecting the growth and production of the flock.

5. Recycling after air purification: Conditional farmers can recycle and clean the air discharged from the house. Can reduce dust by 40%-60%.

6. Using ionization to create a space electric field: using different voltage discharges, so that dust particles are charged and adsorbed on the wall and the ground, this method can reduce dust by 35%.

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