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Chicken house standardization construction

Chicken house standardization construction
Chicken house standardization construction

1, the life habits of chicken
The chicken is very sensitive to light: if there is no light in the chicken house, the chicken will stop eating.
Chickens are vulnerable and have poor anti-permanent ability: If the sudden noise inside or outside the house or the cat, mouse, snake, etc. in the house is very likely to cause the “stress reaction” of the flock, it is necessary to maintain a quiet breeding environment.
More diseases: the incidence of chicken is higher than other poultry.
Afraid of humidity: Chickens are suitable for living in a dry and ventilated environment, and the humid environment has caused disease.

Layer chicken cage
Layer chicken cage

2, not suitable for chicken breeding places
Poorly ventilated and humid places are not suitable for chickens
Poorly ventilated and humid places, easy to cause excessive carbon dioxide concentration, resulting in chicken death and disease spread
Both the net and the bottom net are encrypted, which can prevent the ankle and laying hen fatigue syndrome.
The house is poor, the feeding conditions are poor, the heat insulation and heat preservation conditions are poor, and the chickens are in a state of stress for a long time, resulting in poor physical condition and low resistance.
3, standard chicken house design
Reference design drawing for a standard house.
The height of the house wall is: 2.4m.
The height of the scaffolding height is 0.8m.
The height of the window from the ground: 1m.
The height of the fan from the ground: 1m.
The total area of ​​the wet curtain should be at least 1.5 times the cross-sectional area of ​​the roof of the chicken house.
4. Chicken house location and structure
Semi-open house construction plan symbol
Site selection in existing orchards and forests is conducive to biosafety in chicken farms and saves on feed and manure disposal costs
In actual production, chicken manure can be used by orchards and farmland after treatment, which meets the requirements of circular agriculture.
The house is semi-open and brick-concrete. Length 65m, width 12m, construction area 780m2
90 sets of 4-layer ladder egg cages are installed in each chicken house, and each group has 120 laying hens, a total of 10,800

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