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Chicken house breeding construction process:
01 Farm site selection

Comprehensive measurement decision site selection:
The chicken cage manufacturers decide on the site selection based on the comprehensive measurement of the nature of the culture, natural conditions and social conditions.
Choose the right culture environment:
Appropriate area, good soil quality; shelter from the sun, flat and dry; convenient transportation, reliable water and electricity; avoid pollution, environmental compliance.
02 Chicken house design

Chicken house design

Chicken house plan design:
The construction of the chicken house, using closed chicken houses, supporting equipment such as automatic drinking water, feeding, ventilation, decontamination, environmental control, etc.
Feeder scheme design:
The optimal breeding scheme can be designed according to the size of the chicken house and the stepwise or overlapping feeding method.

03 Chicken house chicken cage installation

Chicken house chicken cage construction site:
Our company has a professional installation technical team to provide you with the best quality service.
The cage is installed:
If the user installs it himself, he can send someone to give technical guidance, provide installation instructions and relevant information.
04 After sales service
Adhere to the “customer first, customer first” principle, for customers better products and services, look forward to working with you to create a better future!
Excellent after-sales service:
In order to provide users with quality service, the company will implement one-to-one service before, during and after sales to strive for customer satisfaction.

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