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Characteristics of the egg cell:

1. New cell construction
The network for the egg cell is smooth, preventing trauma of the chicken in the leg, and the network and the lower network are encrypted, which can effectively prevent chicken fatigue syndrome; The new cell design is more conducive to chicken growth.
2, hot galvanizing material has a long service life
The network of cellular frame and supporting frame use advanced technologies of hot-dip galvanizing (hot-dip zinc coating). The steel parts are sprayed into the liquid zinc, melted at a temperature of about 500 ° C, after the sputtering, so that the surface of the steel element is adhered to the zinc layer, which is resistant to corrosion. Anti-aging, durable, strong and beautiful.
3, the Norde egg shell cell is elastic
The chicken cage is elastic and difficult to bend; easy to install, easily manageable, easy to manage, as well as automated farming and intensive management to improve economic efficiency.

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