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cool cell pads for poultry houses
cool cell pads for poultry houses

Introduction of poultry cooling pad system:

Celdek cooling pad is a kind of special paper honeycomb structure material, its working principle is “water evaporation absorbs heat” this natural physical phenomenon. Under the action of gravity, water flows from top to bottom on the corrugated fiber surface of the wet curtain to form a water film. When the fast-moving air passes through the wet curtain, the water in the water film absorbs the heat in the air and evaporates away a large amount of heat so that the air temperature through the wet curtain decreases to achieve the purpose of cooling.

cooling system in poultry house system is the principle of water evaporation and heat absorption, the principle of negative pressure ventilation, to discharge the waste gas, dirty gas and remove high temperature stuffy.

Working Principle of poultry farm cooling system:

After installation, it can effectively improve the hot and muggy environment of the workshop, and make the temperature in the workshop (32-45 C high temperature environment) drop rapidly within 10 minutes, and keep the temperature at 26-30 C. This is the most comfortable working environment for the human body, which can improve the efficiency of the staff and maintain the high quality of the products.

Its cooling and ventilation effect, can be very effective to solve 95-99% of the factory building high temperature muggy, air pollution problem temperature effect is obvious; can be blown, can also be pumped, quality assurance, is the best choice of cooling and ventilation greenhouse.

Cooling water curtain is the most popular in today’s industrial industry, its cooling effect of environmental protection, power saving effect is other cooling equipment does not have.

More images of poultry cooling systems:

Henhouse radiating cooling pad
poultry cooling systems
Henhouse radiating cooling pad
evaporative cooling pad calculation


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