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At present, according to the site construction, the specifications and styles of the chicken cages are different depending on the site. There are two types of construction of the chicken house: open type and closed type.

The open chicken house is also called a window house. It uses natural light during the day and relies on the switch window to regulate the ventilation of the same powder and control the temperature. This type of chicken house has a good form: one is a brick house with a window structure; the other is an open shutter house developed by Beijing Agricultural University, which adjusts the ventilation and light control by the lifting of the roller blind. . The rolling shutter house is well ventilated, but it has poor thermal insulation performance during the winter season and is only suitable for use in areas south of North China. Open-type chicken houses are low in cost, using natural light, natural wind, and natural heat, so they save energy and energy, but they cannot control the light and are easily interfered by external conditions.

four layer vertical brooding cage

Closed-type chicken houses are also called windowless chicken houses. In addition to setting up emergency windows, such chicken houses are usually closed when ventilation is temporarily opened, and artificial lighting, mechanical ventilation, mechanical feeding, and mindfulness are used once. The manure is clear, and the flocks are in a closed environment controlled by humans. They are less affected by external disturbances and are conducive to the growth and production of chickens. However, the one-time investment is large, the construction cost is high, and the lighting, ventilation, and cooling are all powered. It has a strong dependence on the power supply and consumes a lot of power. It cannot be used without a power supply guarantee. Due to the high density of closed chicken houses, there must be good ventilation and cooling facilities in the summer, otherwise there will be a phenomenon of hot chickens and decreased egg production rate.

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